Google Meet goes free

Google Meet goes free to take on Zoom

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Google is making the premium video conferencing tool Google Meet free for all individuals. In a previous article, we told you about how Google is working to replace Google Hangout service with Google Meet. As always, it will be a staged release and now Google Meet which was earlier only available with G-Suite. Google says that it has accelerated the release of top requested features by schools, governments, and enterprises around the world to make it more helpful.

Google says anyone with a google account will be able to sign up for Meet starting next week. Users will be able to enjoy many of the premium features like simple scheduling, screen sharing, real-time captions, and layouts that adapt to your preference including an expanded tiled view. Google also said that they will gradually be expanding their availability to more and more people in the coming weeks. This means you might not be able to use Google Meet just as yet, but you can Sign Up to be notified when it is available.

Security on Meet

The meet has more than 100 million daily users and the service is roughly adding 3 million new users daily. Security is the top priority at Google and here are some measures: 

  • Host Controls: Able to admit or deny a participant and mute or remove participants if required. 
  • No Anonymous Users: You need a Google account to participate in the meeting.
  • Complex Codes: Meeting codes are complex and resilient to Brute-Force attacks.

Google Meet Goes Free

As Google said, anyone with a Google account will be able to use Google Meet to Schedule, Host, or Join a meeting. The video conferencing service will be free starting the 1st week of May. You can access Meet on the web at and via mobile apps for iOS and Android.

You can use Meet to connect with up to 100 participants at a time. While there will be no time cap on the meetings right now, free meetings will be limited to 60 minutes after 30th September.

Google Meet Goes Free
Google Meet – Create New Meeting

So are you one of those hosting a fitness class, office meeting, or happy hours with friends? Google Meet has got you covered.

Meet for Groups and Teams

Google has introduced G Suite Essentials for Teams or Groups. It gives access to more advanced features of Meet like dial-in phone numbers, larger meetings, and meeting recordings. You also get Google Drive to store all your team’s content like Docs, Sheets, Slides, and meeting recordings for real-time collaboration.

G Suite Essentials is also free till 30th September.

Meet for Businesses and Organizations

Google has powered over 6 million companies and organizations across the globe. Organizations like Hospitals, Banks, and even manufacturers are using G Suite to power their remote productivity. To help them out during the Coronavirus outbreak Google will let new or existing enterprise customers use advanced features of Meet:

  • Livestream to 100,000 viewers at a time.
  • Existing G Suite customers will get additional Meet licenses without any changes to their current contract.
  • Free G Suite Essential for enterprise customers.

Meet for Schools and Higher Education

More and more schools and colleges today are moving online. G Suite not just enables you to take virtual classes but also helps you in taking Parent-Teacher meetings. G Suite for Education is powering more than 120 million students and teachers globally. For existing users Meet is available at no extra cost. Also, check out resources to Distance learning at Teach from Home.


How to use Google Meet for free?

Go to or download the mobile app on iOS or Android.

How many people can join a meeting on Google Meet?

You can add up to 100 participants in a meeting. However, if you are a G Suite user, you will be able to add 250 participants in a meeting.

Can I record my meeting on Google Meet?

To record your meeting you will have to sign up for a free trial of G Suite Essentials which is available till Sept. 30.

Google Meet goes free to take on Zoom and Microsoft’s Skype. There are some features you might miss on Meet. It does not offer to record a meeting to an individual while Zoom does. However, the overall interface is good. You should give it a try once it is available in India or get G Suite Essentials to try it out right now.

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