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Google quietly re-brands Hangouts Meet to Google Meet

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Google has renamed Hangouts Meet, the company’s video conferencing tool, to Google Meet. We haven’t seen an official declaration for the re-branding yet the new name was mentioned in its ongoing blog entry about secure connections in ‘Google Meet’. 

The blog post from Google’s Product Managers highlights the security measures Google Meet deploys to keep remote meetings and conferences from being hijacked. It uses a meeting ID’s which makes it safe from brute force attacks.

Google Meet
Google Meet

The re-brand was first spotted by Android Police in Google‘s blog post. The blog post doesn’t say anything about the re-branding but they just keep referring to Google Meet which will also be a part of G-Suite. The Android Police also noticed that the Help pages which were earlier referring to Hangouts Meet have now been refreshed to show Google Meet. However, this rebranding hasn’t trickled down to the Android and iOS applications. It is still being called the Hangouts Meet for Android as well as the iOS application.

Additionally, the G Suite item page despite everything specifies the video conferencing application’s name as Hangouts Meet.

In an update, Android Police revealed that the Hangouts Meet is all set to retire and it will be known as Google Meet, going forward. The company will be rolling out the changes in a phased manner and it will slowly trickle down to the Android and iOS applications. 

Also, a report by CNET states the service is including over 2 million new clients daily around the world. This is a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic which has forced the individuals to work from home. An expanding number of individuals are deciding on video conferencing and group calling applications to keep in contact with family, companions, and partners.

With Google Meet could be the company’s attempt to go head-on with services like Microsoft Teams, Slack and Zoom. I will not be surprised to see Hangouts Chat’s rebranding soon as it goes in line with the host of other Google services(Google Keep, Google Docs, Google Drive and so on). Google is known for its staged product rollouts but it is possible to see the launch of Google Meet soon for the US market considering the present situation across the world.

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