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Google Rebrands Bolo as Read Along for the Global Market

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Google Bolo app which was launched in the Indian market earlier is now available as Read Along app in over 180 countries. Following the Coronavirus outbreak schools, colleges, and other educational institutions are closed. Google already has tools for online learning but this one aims at the younger audience.

Read Along by Google is an Android app for children with the age of 5 years or more. It helps them learn to read by giving verbal and visual feedback as they read stories out loud. Google uses its speech recognition technology to help develop literacy skills. Looking at the current situation Google has expanded its availability across the globe.

The app is now available in 180 countries and in 9 different languages including Hindi, English, Portuguese, and Spanish. The company says that it will continue improving the application based on the feedback and will also be adding new content and features continuously.

How Read Along works?

As we know kids are getting smarter, thus we have to find smarter ways to make them learn. Read Along uses an in-app reading buddy named Diya. Diya uses Google’s text-to-speech and speech recognition technology to detect if a student is struggling or successfully reading the passage. Children can also tap Diya to help them pronounce a word or a sentence.

Read Along
Diya in Read Along by Google

Read Along has a diverse collection of stories and from around the world with games sprinkled into the stories to keep the kids engaged. The app keeps them motivated by giving them stars and badges after completing each task.

The app can be used for multiple readers by creating profiles, and kids can tap on their photos to learn at their own pace. Parents can track their individual progress through profiles. The app personalizes the experience by recommending the right difficulty level of stories and games based on their reading performance.

Safety and Connectivity

Read Along focuses on children’s safety and privacy and thus there are no ads or in-app purchases. The app works offline once downloaded. You might want to download additional stories periodically. There by, saving you from unwanted data usage.

Read Along does not require sign-in and is easy to use. The voice data is analyzed on the device itself and is not sent to any Google servers.

Read Along or Bolo in India is available to download on the Play Store for Android devices.

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