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OnePlus 8 Pro color filter mode lets you see through black plastic

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The OnePlus 8 Pro color filter has an X-ray vision lens that can see through plastic and clothes. As per the reports, the 8 Pro uses the phone’s infrared sensor to see through black plastic objects. If you own an OnePlus 8 Pro you can try it yourself by swiping over to the “Photochrom” color filter in the camera app and pointing it to objects. It specifically works on thin black plastic and sometimes clothes as well. Ben Geskin was the first one to highlight the issue or feature, I don’t know what to call it.

Ben shows, how the “Photochrom” filter lets you see through the Apple TV box. The same was later demonstrated by the popular YouTuber, Unbox Therapy. Check out the video below:

Although, the camera is not an X-ray scanner as interpreted by some reports. It does have an ability to see through certain materials especially the ones that don’t have infrared shielding like the set-top boxes, remote controls, etc.

The infrared sensor has been used by several high-end devices and is not exclusive to OnePlus. Apple uses the infrared sensor for face unlock via Face ID. Guilherme Rambo demonstrated that Apple’s TrueDepth sensor can also be hacked to produce see-through images.

OnePlus has responded to the issue and said that it will temporarily disable Photocrhome color filter on OnePlus 8 Pro that is letting users scan through plastic and clothes.

In its post on Weibo, OnePlus said that “based on user feedback, we have found that under very specific environmental conditions, the filter lens may have a slight perspective effect on special materials at very close distances. To eliminate the impact on user privacy under possible extreme circumstances and eliminate everyone’s concerns, we decided to temporarily disable the filter function through software upgrades.” The update will be pushed to all devices in the coming week.

OnePlus 8 Pro color filter is used to improve image quality and provide various light filters. However, as reported by the Android Police, the color filter is just a gimmick and can only be used in a single camera mode. The company has used the lens to make it a quad-camera setup on the device and make it look more premium.

As of now, the company has announced that it will temporarily disable the OnePlus 8 Pro color filter in China but there is no information whether it will disable it in other markets as well. Disabling one sensor will leave the device with a triple camera setup and the users might not find it pleasing.