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Paytm App to offer News, Live Matches, TV shows and more

The on-demand entertainment market in India just got bigger with Paytm entering the business. Paytm App has more than 200 million daily users and will look to target them by offering on-demand entertainment service.

According to a report by, soon your Paytm app will start showing news and will offer options to watch Live Matches, News, and TV Shows on your demand. This will put Paytm in direct competition with Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Netflix etc.

Paytm recently started their payments bank along with their wallet services. Paytm also launched a separate shopping app called Paytm Mall.

Paytm Content: Live Matches, TV Shows, News and more

There will be a separate section for content in the Patym App, which will offer live matches, news, TV shows and more.

Paytm have already started collaboration with various content partners for delivering on-demand content, which includes:

  • SonyLiv for TV shows
  • FunkYou for short videos and astrology shows
  • Yupp TV for live news
  • NewsAPI for syndicating global news content
  • Powerplay Cricket for Java based games also reported that Paytm will try to monetize the millions of users who throng their app daily for various purposes. It will also be a great opportunity for the content provider to get access to Paytm’s user base. No one knows, how Paytm’s on demand service is going to hit Indian users, But the app has a lot of active users and Paytm don’t want to ruin their interest. On-demand, entertainment willl help paytm to keep users on their App for long time.

Paytm recently teamed up with Hong Kong Stock Exchange-listed online lottery firm AGTech Media, in which Alibaba Group holds a controlling stake. AGTech Media and Paytm Group will together invest $16 million(Rs 103 crore) in the venture. It will offer mobile games and user engagement activities to Indian consumers by leveraging the AGTech Media Group’s experience in creating mobile entertainment products and Paytm’s distribution network.

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