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Reliance Jio 4G Phone at Rs 1500 Could Be a Reality Soon

A 4G phone at Rs 1,5oo seems a bit difficult to believe. Isn’t it? But it could be a reality soon as Reliance Jio is working on a 4G feature phone with VoLTE connectivity and to be priced as low as Rs 1,500. Jio 4G phone makes a lot of sense for the company which uses VoLTE to make calls. We expect the phones to come pre-loaded with a bouquet of apps. While Jio 4G Phones will allow VoLTE calling, they may restrict the other internet privileges.

Earlier, a company called Spreadtrum claimed that they are working on a technology which can make a Rs 1,500 4G phone a reality. Micromax the Indian phone brand is also working on a 4G phone called ‘Bharat 1’ and it may be priced at Rs 1,999.

Feature phones support 2G or 3G networks but Jio 4G phone might be the cheapest feature phone to support 4G VoLTE calling.

Jio 4G Phone: What is the need?

As Reliance Jio uses VoLTE for calls bringing a feature phone which supports 4G with VoLTE calling means a lot for the company. The company has recently crossed a 100 million customer base but, from now on adding more customers is a challenge for the company. Jio 4G phone could be used to target rural and semi-urban areas of the country where calling is more important than data.

Rs 1,500 phone will target those users who were not able to afford a smartphone to use 4G. A 4G phone will also allow the company to launch calls only service. Reliance Jio has claimed that voice calls will always be free of charge, the company might launch the 4G phone with Voice-only plans.

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