Snapdeal offers to Deliver Rs. 2000 at your Doorstep

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Is Demonetisation hitting you hard? Don’t worry Snapdeal has you covered. The Indian e-commerce major has launched a new service, dubbed ‘Cash@Home’ that will allow customers to order cash and have it delivered to them at their doorstep.
A user can now request Rs. 2,000 with every booking and will be able to pay for it using an ATM cards from any bank. Snapdeal will be using the cash it receives during Cash On Delivery (COD) to provide other users with cash. Snapdeal adds that ‘customers are not obliged to order anything else to access this new facility’.
Snapdeal will be charging Re. 1 as convenience fee that will be paid through FreeCharge or through your debit card at the time of booking the service.
Cash@Home is already live in Gurgaon and Bangalore and will be extended to other major cities in the coming days, with the operative details to be updated as per user feedback and availability of currency notes.
Giri Raj
Giri Raj

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