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Truly Unlimited JioFiber Broadband Plans Starting at ₹399 Launched

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Jio Fiber has been around for quite some time now but we have not seen a plan as enticing as its competitors. Bharti Airtel and ACT Fibernet have been offering good speeds at lower prices. However, Reliance Jio has finally realized it and came up with it the Best in the Industry plans. Allow me to introduce the all-new truly unlimited JioFiber broadband plans starting at just ₹399. Reliance Jio today announced four new broadband plans under its ‘JioFiber’ brand and they ship with up to 300 Mbps speeds. What’s interesting is that JioFiber plans come bundled with a subscription up to 12 OTT apps which makes it unbeatable. The company also announced another first of a kind scheme where users can enjoy a free trial of JioFiber for 30 days without any terms and conditions.

New JioFiber Broadband Plans Start at ₹399 With Unlimited Data

JioFiber now has introduced four new plans priced at ₹399, ₹699, ₹999, and ₹1,499. The ₹399 JioFiber plan offers 30 Mbps speeds, unlimited data, and unlimited voice calling benefits. The ₹699 pack will provide a user with 100 Mbps upload & download speeds, unlimited voice calling and there’s no FUP limit as well.

The ₹999 JioFiber broadband plan will offer a speed of 150 Mbps, unlimited voice calling, and a free subscription to 11 OTT platforms. Lastly, we have the ₹1,499 broadband plan that comes with a speed up to 300 Mbps, unlimited voice calling benefits, and a free subscription to 12 OTT platforms. Please don’t forget that you have to pay an additional 18% GST on all the plans. The company is yet to reveal its Long-term plans.

Reliance Jio announced that the new plans will be called ‘JioFiber Home Tariff Plans’ in a media release. These plans are focussed on users who are looking for a high-speed internet connection at their homes. The ISP also informed that all the Home plans will have symmetric speed, which means download speed = upload speed.

The clarification comes after a lot of users complained about JioFiber restricting upload speeds to only 10% of the download speeds.

This is what we call Truly Unlimited. Isn’t it?

But wait, that’s not all.

Media Release

What is JioFiber No-Condition 30-Day Free Trial?

Reliance Jio also announced that starting from 1st Sep the new customers would be eligible for a free JioFiber trial for 30 days. During the trial period, users will be able to enjoy 150 Mbps speed, a 4K Set-Top Box with access to the top 10 paid OTT apps at no extra cost, and free voice calling benefits.

The company says if a customer does not like the service, it will take all the accessories back, No questions asked.

JioFiber 30 day free trial
JioFiber 30 day free trial

What is there for Existing JioFiber Users?

If you are an existing JioFiber user, Jio hasn’t forgotten you. Reliance Jio mentioned that your existing JioFiber plans will be upgraded to match the benefits of the new tariff plans.

That is not all.

Jio is also offering a 30-day free trial to the subscribers who have joined between 15th to 31st August. You will get the benefit via a voucher which will be available in the MyJio app.

JioFiber is a full entertainment package. It not only fulfills your need for a high-speed internet but also offers a 4K set-top box. Here is what JioFiber has to offer:

TV Plus: The 4K set-top box makes every TV a smart TV. It brings together your favorite TV shows, Movies, Live content, and Web-series from popular OTT apps like Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, SonyLIV, ALTBalaji, and many more.

Unlimited Voice Call: Ever heard of a broadband service offering free voice calls? JioFiber does that too. You just have to install the JioCall app on your smartphone to enjoy Free HD Voice calls.

TV Video Calling: Now you can use your TV to make video calls to your loved ones. Reliance Jio also offers JioTVCamera to help you make the video calls.

High-Speed Internet: JioFiber offers internet speeds up to 1Gbps. Jio WiFi Mesh router is a router that can extend the default WiFi coverage to an area of 1,000 sq feet.

That is all from this one. Tell us what do you think about these new plans from JioFiber in the comments.