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Reliance Jio Becomes Largest Wired Broadband Provider With 4.34 Million Subscribers

Reliance Jio Becomes largest wired broadband provide with 4.34 million subscribers in India leaves BSNL behind

It has been two years since Reliance Jio rolled out its fixed-line broadband services in the country and it has already surpassed BSNL to become the top service provider in the segment. BSNL, a 20-year-old state-run telecom company, failed to preserve its spot as the number one player in the broadband services sector. TRAI recently released a report of monthly telecom subscribers, which shows that Jio leads the fixed-line broadband segment with 4.34 million customers.

BSNL has dominated the segment for about 20 years since its inception. As Reliance Jio extended Jio Fiber’s availability to more areas, the wired broadband customer base increased to 4.34 million in November from 4.16 million in October.

BSNL has seen a steady decline in customer base to 4.2 million in November from 4.72 million in October. On the other hand, Bharti Airtel’s wired broadband customer base was 4.08 million in November.

JioFiber was launched in September 2019 and gradually expanded its services in the country. Reliance Jio pioneered the 4GB revolution in the country with JioFiber. The Indian consumers reacted quickly to the 4G drive that provided better speed and services.

Bharti Airtel, the second-largest telecom operator was quick to adopt 4G and its wired broadband subscriber base has grown by about 70 percent to 4.08 million in November 2021 from 2.41 million in September 2019. If it continues to grow at this pace, the company is expected to overtake BSNL soon.

Reliance Jio’s services included TV channels and a bunch of OTT platforms which forced the other telecom operators to launch such collaborative services for consumers.

It made more sense for the Indian consumers to pay for a service that facilitates users with the internet, OTT, and Live TV channels.

It resulted in the growth of wired broadband subscribers to 801.6 million in November from 798.95 million in October. “Top five service providers constituted 98.68 percent market share of the total broadband subscribers at the end of November,” TRAI said.
Reliance Jio’s total broadband subscriber base stood at 432.96 million in November, followed by Bharti Airtel with 210.10 million broadband customers. Vi had 122.40 million, BSNL 23.62 million, and Atria Convergence, better known as ACT Fibernet’s broadband customer base stood at 1.98 million.

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