OnePlus 5 full image

OnePlus 5 Full image leaked ahead of launch: All we know so far

OnePlus 5 full image appears online ahead of the official launch today. The famous tipster Evan Blass posted a picture of the upcoming device showing off front and back of the phone.

OnePlus 5 is the biggest hype in the market right now. The company is known for making quality smartphones and have enjoyed tremendous success over the past few years. The company is looking to launch the device in various pop-up events across the world.

The device looks strikingly similar to Apple iPhone 7 Plus which also comes with a dual camera. Some of you might not like the idea but the device does look beautiful. The one thing that OnePlus does right is the price. It has provided the flagship specs at affordable prices and the company also promises great build quality.

Check out OnePlus 5 Full Image below:

OnePlus 5 full image
OnePlus 5
Image Credits: Evan Blass

OnePlus 5 Camera

The OnePlus 5 features a dual-camera system, a first for the company. Dual-camera systems are becoming increasingly popular in smartphones, but they aren’t always implemented in the same way. LG uses an extra wide angle camera in addition to its standard one, while Huawei utilizes a second monochrome camera to pull out more detail than just a single color sensor can capture. OnePlus opted to go for a standard and telephoto lens combination, similar to the one used by Apple in the iPhone 7 Plus. “We were exploring dual cameras last year, but we knew the education cost would be too high,” explains Lau. “We have to thank Apple for educating the market for us.” The main camera is a 16-megapixel Sony unit with an f/1.7 aperture lens. The second camera has a 20-megapixel Sony sensor with an f/2.6 “telephoto” lens. OnePlus claims that this is “the highest resolution dual-camera system on a smartphone today.”

The second camera acts like a zoom: it allows you to get closer to your subject without having to crop the photo. More importantly, it also allows for another thing familiar to iPhone 7 Plus owners: a special portrait mode that emulates the shallow depth of field effects you can get with a large DSLR camera.

OnePlus 5 full image above shows the dual camera setup on the upper left side which is to minimize the camera bump. “Because the dual camera has a larger size, we found the camera bump would have been too large,” says OnePlus’ imaging director, Simon Liu.

Full Specification OnePlus 5.

OnePlus 5 Price

OnePlus 5 will be the costliest OnePlus device ever which is evident but how much will it cost?

OnePlus 5 Full image
Image credits: Weibo

Here is the latest leak from Weibo, according to which the device will be launched in two variants in India 6GB RAM and 64GB storage, and 8GB RAM and 128GB storage. The 6GB RAM variant is priced at Rs. 32,999, whilst the 8GB RAM variant is priced at Rs. 37,999. This is in line with what was leaked earlier as well.

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