Tik Tok Ban

Tik Tok Ban: App Accused of destroying Indian culture

Tik Tok ban proposed in Tamil Nadu following the sexually explicit content available on the app. Tik Tok has been awarded the most entertaining app of 2018

Tik Tok is a fun video mobile app, where users make and share short funny videos. The app has been gaining popularity among teens and young adults. The app was named the most entertaining app of 2018 has been accused of destroying Indian culture proposing Tik Tok ban.

What is Tik Tok?

Those of you who are not familiar with Tik Tok. It is a Chinese app and is known as Douyin in China and is owned by ByteDance. Tik Tok is not the only app of its kind, it has competitors like Musical.ly and Lasso by Facebook.

Tik Tok Ban in Tamil Nadu?

Information Technology Minister of Tamil Nadu, M. Manikandan recommended Tik Tok Ban in the Assembly and accused the app of destroying Indian Culture.

Nagapattinam Minister, Thamimum Ansari raised the issue in the Central Legislative Assembly claiming that the youth of India is addicted to the app and it is causing cultural degradation. The app is being used to share sexually-explicit content. Ansari also claims that the app is encouraging sexual harassment and is allowing people to morph videos which result in cyberbullying.

The Minister also urged that the Tik Tok ban must be imposed throughout the nation like the Blue Whale game.

Recently, the Chennai police caught a flesh trade which was using morphed pictures of women downloaded from Tik Tok to lure the customers. Since then, several incidents have come to light wherein the app was misused to make fun or harass an individual.

Tik Tok has a large user base in India and other Asian countries. As per the latest statistics, there are 20 million active users in India.

While talking to The Verge, a representative of the company said that they were in process of hiring a chief nodal officer based out in India who can better coordinate with law enforcement agencies.

The representative also stated that “We have robust measures to protect users against misuse, including easy reporting mechanisms that enable users and law enforcement to report content that violates our terms of use and community guidelines.”

While some users think that banning might not be a solution. Making some regulations for all these kind of apps is required. Meanwhile, few users have also signed a petition at Change.org and 235 users have already signed it.

Click here to sign the petition.

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